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We thought cycling was too expensive
so we created our own brand. Period.

Nah just kidding. There's much more to it! Read on to know more.




Hi there!

We are Charlotte, Jens and Noémie, the 3 people behind Baroudeur.

Two women and a man with a heart for cycling and entrepreneurship.

The story of Baroudeur goes back to September 2012, when Charlotte started her exchange year in Milan, Italy and met Laura, a Colombian product design engineering student. They became close friends, even so that 2 years later, Charlotte was so lovingly hosted by Laura and her family in Manizales, Colombia.


Merely 3 years after graduating, Laura and her business partner José co-founded Baudi, a Colombian company dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of high-quality custom sportswear. Over the years, the company grew to a team of 10 people.

Along came COVID-19 and a global lockdown, and cycling became even more popular. This is when Charlotte and Noémie, surrounded by cycling friends in Leuven, met for the first time (on their bikes) and immediately got along.


Picking up the pace of our new passion, they quickly came to discuss that cycling doesn’t come cheap. It wasn’t easy to find high quality, affordable, stylish cycling apparel. Moreover, cycling seems still mostly to be perceived as a men’s sport and collections for them are often way more extensive than those for women. Not to mention the gender specific color palettes in women’s collections… 

In the same period, looking for a second hand road bike online, Charlotte bumps into Jens's profile selling his (then pregnant) girlfriend's bike. She quickly learns that Jens and Noémie are neighbors. 


With Jens's expertise, we had enough going for us to get our gears turning. We ordered a whole batch of Baudi apparel to have it tested by experts (and ourselves). The feedback was astounding. The fabrics were original, soft and of amazing quality. We consolidated a strong partnership with Baudi and started designing Baroudeur’s first collection, focusing on gender neutrality, minimalism and affordability.

We soon started organizing fun all-inclusive events, where people of the Leuven area can enjoy the thrill of cycling together and making new cycling friends. For a lot of beginners, our events are a real kick in the butt to feel more confident on their bike!


With our brand Baroudeur, we hope to make cycling more accessible to everyone.
‘Cause a cycling is for all!


We can't wait to ride with you!

Charlotte, Jens & Noémie

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