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Charlotte Vander Stichele

Charlotte had the initial idea to start this adventure after discussing the insanely high prices of cycling apparel with her Colombian friend Laura. 

Furthermore she is the creative mind behind all the logo's, minimalistic designs and watercolor print. Baroudeur is fully exploiting her daytime skills as an interior architect and graphic designer, including her eye for detail & overall talent. 

She is passionate about trying new things and meeting inspiring people.

Noémie Luyts

Noémie jumped on board even before Charlotte started thinking seriously about the adventure. This energy and enthusiasm characterizes her, taking on new challenges on the regular.


During daytime she works in the hospital as a doctor or in the lab doing research. Her people & management skills and endless drive are valuable assets for Baroudeur.

She is passionate about literally all social events, her work and cycling. 


We are lucky to be supported by our talented ambassadors.


Their love for cycling and enthusiasm is enormous. They are helping us not only by creating great content, but also with valuable advice and ideas throughout the entire process of designing and quality testing of all Baroudeur items.

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